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Tutorial #3 Sasha Cohen

We're going from
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Made in Photoshop CS2
Involves a curves layer and colour layers

I used this picture of Sasha Cohen 

01. Duplicate base, set to screen 90% 
02. New layer, fill with #
182945 set it to Exclusion 100%
03. Duplicate the base and set it to Soft light 100%
04. New layer, fill with #cafaf8 set it to Color burn 100%
05. Go to - Layer -  New adjustment layer - Hue/Saturation, Set the saturation on +30
06. Duplicate base, set to softlight 50%
07. Press Shift+Ctrl+C to copy merge all layers, and paste it on top of all the other layers
08. Take the blur tool and blur the cheeks
09. Go to - Layer -  New adjustment layer - Curves, enter the folowing settings

Input: 128
Output: 145

Input: 120
Output: 132

Input: 121
Output: 131

Input: 132
Output: 131

10. Duplicate the layer from step 7 and set it to Soft light 70%
11. Take  (by me) and set it to screen
12. Add some brushes and you're done

Let me know what you think, and I love to see your results :)
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