My fan art page

5 February 1986

Let me introduce myself:
My real name is Laurenske, but I prefer to be called by my alias Macayla... Mac for short
if you want.
I’m a 23 year old girl from a westcoast city in the Netherlands.
I’ve been told that I'm obsessed with CSI:NY and ballet.
My favorite colours are baby pink and baby blue.
My hobbies are watching films and series, listening to music and making icons and other
fan art with Photoshop.
I love ice skating, although I'm not terrible good at it, I also started taking classical
ballet lessons in early 2007. I also have pointe class since September '08 *yay* Ballet rulez!
^^ This is me! ^_^

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Other awards here

All my tutorials are here

TV serie:
CSI, CSI:NY, Gilmore girls, Bones, Will & Grace, The Nanny, Criminal minds, Cold case,
Medical investigation, Law & Order: SVU

Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, Anastasia, While you were sleeping
The little mermaid, Star Wars, National treasure, the Cutting edge, You’ve got mail,
the Chronicles of Narnia... to much to name actually :p

Pirates (Celia Rees), Harry Potter series, De guillotine (simone v/d Vlugt), The hobbit
Someone at the door (RT Cusick), CSI:NY books.

My favourite ship is Danny&Lindsay *squeee* Love them too? Join the DL Chemistry forum
My other ships are:
Calleigh/Ryan (csi:miami), Sara/Grissom (csi), Warrick/Catherine (csi),
Booth/Brennan (bones), Will/Elizabeth (pirates of the caribbean

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shizukuchan, tragic_icons, ca_pris
CSI:NY Screencaps by myself
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